Coppersmith Village Construction Progress

A site visit to Coppersmith Village this morning produced some great construction photos. Coppersmith is The Narrow Gate's largest project to date, at over 106,000 square feet. 80,000 sf of that area is in our five-story, mixed use, midrise building, providing 56 rentable units. The remaining 26,000 sf is our set of 15 townhouses for home-ownership. Both buildings are 100% affordable! Our wonderful client for this job is NOAH - Neighborhood of Affordable Homes. You read more about it here: on our Coppersmith Village project page.

You can see the mockup coming along, as well as some cool formwork from earlier this month. Plus we have an overall shot of the site, to show the scale. Very exciting process! We'll post more photos as we take them.

Sara Briggs