Patriot Homes

South Boston Neighborhood Development Corp. &

Caritas Communities

The South Boston NDC has redeveloped the former District 6 Police Station in South Boston as "Patriot Homes" - housing for veterans and their families, as well as administrative office space.  The project includes 24 apartments with a mix of unit sizes, and a live-in manager's apartment.  The office space hosts community organizations providing housing and veterans' services for the residents and other area veterans.

The intent of the project design is to restore the formal historic quality of this civic landmark, to make a pleasing visual transition to the neighboring structures, and to revitalize an important and highly visible corner in the community.   While the front wing of the building has been preserved and restored, the existing rear wing was demolished and replaced with a new 3-story wood apartment building that harmonizes with the abutting context.  A common interior open space is provided behind the buildings, and 12 off-street parking spaces are included with landscaped buffers to screen outside views of automobiles and to provide shade and visual interest.  The project is LEED Silver certifiable, incorporating many sustainable design features.  Patriot Homes provides desperately needed affordable housing for veterans in South Boston, which has a long tradition of supporting it's many veterans.

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