Waterfront Views at Coppersmith Village

Tuesday marked the beginning of preliminary punchlisting of the midrise at Coppersmith Village. It wasn't the ideal weather for running around the top floor of an un-conditioned building (95 degrees in the shade), but we thought the views made up for it. If you're interested in renting, you can check with NOAH for which units have that view of the skyline!

Sara Briggs
Progress at Coppersmith Village: Tocci Update

We've been posting semi-regular updates about Coppersmith Village on our social media platforms, but if you're ever interested in more information, you might try checking out our builder's website! Tocci does a series on their own blog sharing updates from their construction projects, and there are some great photos of the midrise coming along. It looks just like our BIM model! Except much more green.

Sara Briggs
Post-Holiday Art Party

We had this year's "post-holiday" party at Arlington's Art Lounge! It was a fun challenge working with a less familiar media - for some of us, at least - others are clearly more familiar and have kept up with their hand-rendering skills despite the rise of CAD & BIM!

Sara Briggs
Coppersmith Village Construction Progress (Part 2)

We have a couple of new photos from the construction site of Coppersmith Village to share - one that we received from NOAH, taken in the evening, making for very cool lighting. (And an update on construction progress.) The other, taken by our own Bob Wegener, shows the completed mock-up, including a sample of our final panel layout and color scheme.

Sara Briggs
Photography with Greig Cranna

Pine Street Inn: Wales St, Dorchester

Homeowner's Rehab: Allston St, Cambridge

We recently finished up a series of photo shoots with Greig Cranna, an architectural photographer with a similar focus to ours - including affordable and supportive housing. We got two great street shots of two smaller projects with Pine Street Inn and Homeowner's Rehab, Inc., as well as a longer shoot with the multi-building Patriot Homes in South Boston.

Besides the outdoor shots, we spent time in the shared common room in the old police station building (which is being put to good use, with its own growing library) as well as the new South Boston NDC offices, which are now located on the site of their newest property.

Greig was great to work with, and we're glad to have these new projects documented! Incidentally, we were lucky to fit all this work into Greig's schedule, as he's currently devoting most of his time to a book on bridges and urban identity, which was recently featured on ArchDaily. You can check out that project at the link below, or refer to his website for more of his residential work: crannaphoto.com

Sara Briggs