Abby's House Women's Center Photo Shoot

We're so excited to share our first photos of the Women's Center at Abby's House! A new reception desk, meeting rooms and community space, a commercial kitchen, bright new hallways, and of course, the thrift store! Abby's House provides so many great services to women, and we're glad to be able to help get the most out of their space.

We'll share photos of the new residential spaces next week. Many thanks to everyone at Abby's who let us interrupt their day with our cameras, and to Greig Cranna for shooting!

Sara Briggs
Construction Banners at Elizabeth Stone House!

With all the construction we're working on, it's long overdue that we've finally put up some construction banners. Now you'll be able to tell when you see our work around the city! Here's the first one, on the fence at the future Elizabeth Stone House!

Sara Briggs
Coppersmith Village: Unit Interiors

Photos of the finished units at Coppersmith Village by Greig Cranna! Includes the townhouse ownership units as well as the midrise apartment building - and shots of the community spaces and exterior coming soon!

Sara Briggs