Elizabeth Stone House Demolition: Public Art Appreciation

As demolition began this week at the site of Elizabeth Stone House’s future new home, we took a moment to photograph the existing structure on the site.

Early in the design process, we studied the possibility of incorporating the existing structure into the design of the new building. However, the brick and cinderblock building was in poor condition, and it was quickly determined that it would cost more than its value to preserve the old structure.

In the mean time, the old, one-story industrial building became home to a growing collection of murals celebrating the site’s future purpose: supporting strong women and families.

We’ll be sad to see the artwork go, but we hope the new building will be a welcome replacement - and we know the new tenants will be!

Sara Briggs
Holiday Party Recap

For this year’s post-holiday celebration, TNG decided to take a cooking class together! Cambridge School of Culinary Arts walked us through a truly elaborate menu. I was impressed by how well we were able to organize ourselves into effective teams, incorporating a wide variety of experience levels in the kitchen. A team building experience for sure! And the meal came out wonderfully. Thank you, Chef Sharon and Chef Heidi, for the wonderful experience! We have MANY photos from the event to share.

Sara Briggs
Progress at Coppersmith Village: Exterior Finishes

Siding is going up at Coppersmith Village! Both at the midrise apartment building and the townhouses across the street. The townhouses started construction later, but they're catching up quickly.

Sara Briggs
Kuehn House Garden Photos

Last year we posted photos of a series of projects photographed by Greig Cranna, including Pine Street Inn’s Kuehn House. This year we got him to come back for a longer shoot in the back yard. Here are a few of our favorite shots!

Sara Briggs